Bonsai Learning Center Ancient Art of Bonsai
  • Workshop - Tanuki July 29 2018

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    A large and interesting piece of dead wood is used as the center piece in the planting. A die grinder or dremel tool is fitted with a router bit and used to inscribe a groove in the deadwood and then a young shimpaku juniper is screwed or otherwise affixed in the groove. With the passage of time the young plant grows into the groove, the screws are removed and the composite creation, which then shaped using traditional bonsai techniques, begins to take on the appearance of an ancient tree similar to many of the California and Colorado junipers we see collected from the American desert southwest. Artistic considerations are not the focus of this workshop, only the mechanical steps necessary to complete the planting. The traditional practices of asymmetrical balance and proper triangulation of the finished planting are the same as they would be for any bonsai. How you position the deadwood, where you cut the router groove and how you position the trunk and branches should be based on solid principals of bonsai design and will be the focus of the workshop. All material is provided including: pot, soil, deadwood, shimpaku whip and anchoring material. Students will need to bring their own tools.


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