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  • Workshop - Dwarf Cherry Tree Bonsai

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    $195.00 Total Workshop Price        $45.00 Deposit

    July 28 2019    9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

    This workshop will consist of a dwarf cherry bonsai tree, botanical name Punus incisa 'Kojo-No-Mai'.  The branches grow naturally in a zig zag pattern.  The small white blooms appear first, before any foliage comes out making a very stark look.  The light colored bark with the deep green color looks nice during the growing period.  These trees like sun/shade mix environment.  We will begin the workshop with horticulture care of the cherry tree.    During the workshop we will perform initial pruning and do some wiring if needed.  These will style out as multi trunk or broom style trees.  We are limiting the workshop to 8 seats.

    We handpicked these trees out of a large selection to get the best ones for this workshop.  They are in 12" pots, up to 1″ trunk and currently up to 24" tall from soil line.

    This tree and workshop offers an excellent opportunity for any level of bonsai enthusiast including beginner (who has taken our beginner class or experienced in bonsai) and beyond, as each person can focus on the creation, styling and detail wiring at their own level.

    The workshop includes:  the potted tree.  You will need to supply your own tools and wire, or purchase during the workshop.

    This payment is for the deposit only.  You will receive an email confirmation.  Balance due four weeks before workshop date.  Workshop located at our Mooresville, NC location.

    Please see BLC Website for Complete Workshop details, Terms and Conditions.