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  • Tamahi Rapeseed Bonsai Fertilizer

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    “Tamahi”, known as the optimal bonsai fertilizer, is made of a traditional blend of select rapeseed meal and bone meal. This safe and secure organic fertilizer is renowned for its gradual and long-lasting fertilizing effect.

    "Maruta Ichiban Shibori® Rapeseed Meal", with a constitution that is greatly different from normal rapeseed meal, is used for tamahi. Normal rapeseed meal is extracted using organic solvents, so the oil content in the rapeseed meal is 1% or less. Conversely, Maruta Ichiban Shibori® Rapeseed Meal is produced with a traditional manufacturing method called compression; hence, the meal has a very high oil content of about 8%. This oil content is extremely effective and achieves an effect incomparable to other fertilizer.

    Quantity:  8KG Tin