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Super Muck for Bonsai

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The price includes shipping.  This product is a sticky mixture of Michigan peat, akadama dust and long fiber sphagnum moss.  It is ideal for use in the construction of bonsai plantings on stone slabs or for saikei and penjing plantings.  The mixture holds its form and can be molded to create mud walls to prevent soil erosion or to plug holes or gaps in rock plantings.  It maintains its shape while at the same time allowing water to pass through.  Moss can be planted on top.  The mixture is also ideal for use in the construction of root-over-rock bonsai.

Shipping Notice:  If you have this shipped please note that the double bagged muck will be taken out of the gallon container, and shipped.  This is the most inexpensive way to ship this.  If you wish to have this shipped in the gallon container please email us for a shipping quote.

Comes in 1 Gallon Container