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  • Juniper Repotting Workshop July 17 2021 Holly Springs Location

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    $75.00 Total Workshop Price, 10 am to 12:30 pm

    This workshop is at our Holly Springs location and limited to 5 participants.  This is an open workshop with demo, specifically focused on assisting you with potting and transplanting tasks.  This date will be focused on the actual repotting of junipers.  Our space will be arranged to facilitate potting.  No need to get your area ready and dirty for potting, come to our place!
    We will provide a general overview and demo of repotting at 10:30.  The most important part of repotting is the after care.  We will go over in detail what to do and not do with your tree after repotting.  We also will go over how to sift and mix bonsai soil.  We invite you to bring as much juniper material as you feel you can work on.  This is the time to bring any beginner class junipers that you have that need to be repotted.  You are free to come and go as you see.  Rain dates will be provided if needed.
    Pack up your trees and come get your hands dirty with us.  Students are required to bring their own tools, soil and other supplies.  Of course we have all of this available for purchase.

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