Bonsai Learning Center Ancient Art of Bonsai
  • 0:10:10 Nitrogen Free Fertilizer by HO YOKU


    0-10-10 has for years been recommended by bonsai experts for manipulating growth in a number of ways:

    - Spring feeding pines with 0-10-10 will help reduce needle length and candle extension, and encourages sturdy shoots. (Normal balanced fertilizer such as Green Dream is resumed when needles have set.)

    - Mid- to late summer application of 0-10-10 will help flower bud set on spring flowering species such as azalea, crab apple, cherry, wisteria, etc.

    - Fall feeding all trees with 0-10-10 will help to prevent unseasonal soft growth that will not withstand winter, and will increase cold hardiness of the roots.

    8oz bottle (enough to make 16 gallons)