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Workshop - Hinoki Bring Your Own Tree September 10 2017

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This is a hinoki specific bring your own tree event.  If you would like to purchase a hinoki from us, we have many new ones that we have recently acquired for sale that you can use.  The timing of this workshop is ideal for hinoki pruning and wiring to help decrease the common interior die back of hinokis in the fall.  By working them now and pinching the tips we help reduce the interior die back.  We will start the day off with a brief horticulture care lecture about hinoki.  This is a great oppurtunity to bring your own tree and work with us to help with design issues or other problems you are having.  Maybe you want to learn a new technique, or have time to get proficient with an existing one.  Or maybe you are busy, that just carving out dedicated time to be with other bonsai people is what the doctor ordered.  Regardless, it will be a great afternoon of learning and fun!    The class begins promptly at 10 a.m. and will continue until 2 p.m.


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