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  • Workshop - Itoigawa Bonsai Forest April 9 2017

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    April 9 2017

    10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fee: $395

    We found a group of itoigawa stock and have been working them for about 15 months getting them ready for forests.  These specimen forests (5 Tree) will be a valued addition to any collection.

    The trunks are around 1/2 to 3/4″ and will top out at about 16″.  (The picture above is a completed forest using the same stock that is available for this workshop.  The workshop includes 5 trees, container (mica or ceramic) and soil.

    This forest and workshop offers an excellent opportunity for beginners and through more advanced as each person can focus on styling and detail wiring at their own level.

    This workshop is limited to 5 participants.  The workshop fee includes the tree, soil and pot.  You will need to supply your own tools and wire, or purchase during the workshop.

    $395.00 Total Workshop Price

    $45.00 Deposit

    This payment is for the deposit only.  You will receive an email confirmation.  Balance due four weeks before workshop date.

    Please see BLC Website for Complete Workshop details, Terms and Conditions.